SpatialJam is a basketball analytics website helping to providing actionable insights through a combination of sophisticated statistics and deep league knowledge.

Since it's small beginnings in Auckland in 2010, SpatialJam has grown to become the go-to resource for Australian and New Zealand basketball insight, statistics and analysis. Originally built to provide shot chart information for the NBL (see the OG tool - The Shot Machine), hence the name SpatialJam - the site has expanded over time and is now providing a wide range of analytical products, tools and support to coaches, scouts, agents, journalists and general managers throughout the region and around the world as well as products purely for fans, such as the Limited Minutes podcast.

The website was founded by Andrew Price, a geographer, data analyst and lover of all things basketball. Andrew's background in data analytics and extraction, database administration, spatial analytics and data visualisation -- as well as basketball coaching and NBL front office experience -- provides a unique perspective.

Past SpatialJam clients have included the four-time NBL championship-winning New Zealand Breakers, the Brisbane Bullets, and the Australian National Team (Boomers).