SpatialJam provides analytic consultancy services to teams, agents and media.  We help teams to win by creating detailed datasets that are easy to understand and use. We'd love to talk to you about how we can create a package that works for you, your team and your budget.

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SpatialJam are experts at providing complex data in easily actionable formats. Our team works to create these datasets from the 'ground up' - meaning we'll handle the extraction, storage, updating and visualising for you. You'll have finger-tip access to detailed league-wide information at both the individual and team level, including advanced metrics, cumulative shot charts and lineup data with full WOWY (with or without you) capability. All our data visualisations are interactive, allowing users to easily query and filter the data as needed to answer their specific questions. SpatialJam also have their own API's available for developers looking for access to data.

Analytical reporting

SpatialJam has been working closely with Australasian basketball since 2010 which not only has created a deep understanding of the league, its players, club and history - but we also understand one extra regular season win is often the difference between post-season success or an extended holiday. SpatialJam's analytical reporting enables coaches and team officials to have the best available intelligence when making their decisions. We spend hours personally trawling through data, picking out trends, anomalies and outliers to enhance a team's scouting reports or game plans and provide cutting edge analysis based on your requirements. SpatialJam also understands coaching staff don't always want to be inundated with basketball metric acronyms and complex algorithms - we pride ourselves on our ability to clearly and concisely communicate with decision makers to ensure the relevant information isn't lost in translation.

bespoke analysis

Every team have their own set of questions and problems that need solving. We'll work alongside you to provide insight and data that's relevant to your specific needs. SpatialJam can create custom datasets, visualisations or reports to suit your team's requirements, providing you with the best possible information to assist in your decision making process.