The above table shows how a team performs when a given player is on the court, in relation to when he is sitting. For example, a player showing a 5.4 oRAT means that when they're on the court, their team's offensive rating is 5.4 points better than when that player sits.

Because this table uses a different method for estimating possessions than the other metrics tables, the bottom row showing team averages will be a slight deviation from some of the team metrics shown in other tables. This doesn't affect how a team/player is rated. For example the NetRating (oRAT - dRAT) is still the same on both tables.

Data in this table is adjusted for luck to help minimise the effects of luck on small sample sizes. To do this, opponent's three point percentage and free throw percentage has been regressed back to the team average because an individual player will have very little effect on the success of these types of shots (they can affect the frequency though - therefore this part isn't altered). Offensive numbers are not adjusted

Garbage time has also been removed from the data. This is defined as any time in the fourth quarter where there are 9 or fewer minutes left and the lead is > 20, or 6 or fewer minutes left with a lead of > 15, or 3 or fewer minutes left with a lead > 10. In all cases there need to be fewer than 2 combined starting players on the court for both teams to be considered garbage time.