PLEASE NOTE: This table currently contains data from the 2019 NZ NBL season.

NOTE: Data in this table is adjusted for luck to help minimise the effects of luck on small sample sizes. To do this, instead of taking the three point percentage of a individual lineup, the overall team three point percentage is used. There is very little evidence that a team has control over an opponent's three point percentage (attempts, yes - percentage -no) so rather than use the percentage of individual groups, each lineup's three point percentage during their time on court is regressed to the team average. The same is done for free throw percentages.

The table above also has the ability to remove garbage time minutes from the calculations (on by default). This helps stabilise the data further by removing minutes at the end of blow-out games which are not representative of regular game time. For the purposes of this data, garbage time is defined as any time in the fourth quarter where there are 9 or fewer minutes left and the lead is > 20, or 6 or fewer minutes left with a lead of > 15, or 3 or fewer minutes left with a lead > 10. In all cases there need to be fewer than 2 combined starting players on the court for both teams to be considered garbage time.

The process we use to calculate the plus minus statistic differs slightly from that used by FIBA, which is why you may find a 1 or 2 point difference in across the season wide data.
This is due to Spatial Jam factoring in subs made during free throw attempts. Rather than attributing the free throws to the incoming player, they are given to the player who was actually on the court when the foul was committed.

POS (Possessions)
+/- (Points scored - Points allowed)
ADJ +/- (Points scored - Points allowed) but controlled for luck (see note above)
PYTH Win Expectation for the lineup based on Pythagorean Expectation (13.91)
PTS (Points)
ADJ PTS Points but controlled for luck (see above note)
eFG% (Effective Field Goal Percentage)
oRAT (Offensive Rating or Points scored per 100 possessions)
dRAT (Defensive Rating or Points allowed per 100 possessions)
NetRAT (Net Rating = oRAT - dRAT)
FTR (Free Throw Rate)
3PR (3 Point Rate)
AST% (Percentage of possessions ending in an assist)
TOV% (Percentage of possessions ending in a turnover)

'Opp' refers to statistics recorded by the opponent of a given lineup